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T'ai Chi Ch'uan DVD with Ron Perfetti

DVD containing a thorough audiovisual introduction to the principles, philosophy, warm-up exercises (Chi Kung practice), and execution of the Yang Style Short Form
Who is this DVD for?

The intention of this DVD is to support the practice of bringing more attention to the body, along with the development of a more skillful understanding of how the body is designed to move and function. Following traditional T'ai Chi understanding, this is in itself the basis of good health. Thus, the DVD is appropriate for for anyone -- beginner to expert -- wishing to explore and experiment with a process of re-educating their movement skills toward addressing the ideals of balance, coordination, good posture, and improved communications between mind and body.

Ron Perfetti Description of Contents

The DVD is a 60 minute instructional course, professionally produced and edited, and shot entirely on Maui, Hawaii. Its emphasis is on the basic T'ai Chi principles of strengthened concentration, improved mind/body relationship, and relaxation (eliminating the habit of body/mind tension which hinders movement).

The DVD is divided into three sections:

:: An introduction to the principles and basic intentions of T'ai Chi practice and the general understanding of the T'ai Chi body as it applies to posture and movement

:: A series of simple warm-up exercises (Chi Kung practices) that are designed to help a student develop the proper body awareness of these movement principles

:: The Yang Style Short Form, presented twice. The first run through is performed very slowly and methodically, with an accompanying descriptive narration. In the section presentation, the movements are performed more smoothly, with background music, giving the student/viewer a better feeling for flow and continuity

Ron Perfetti performs and narrates all sections, and is joined by two students in the final presentation of the Short Form.
Independent Reviews
"...this refreshing blend of instruction and movement is perfect. Serene music, an ancient temple setting and fluid physicality by this technically superior teacher...seems best suited for those who really need to decrease stress and improve concentration."
-- Fit Magazine, Feb. '96

"Mr. Perfetti introduces the principles and philosophy of T'ai Chi in a way that is simple, clear, and inspiring. ...this video is inspiring for its grace and elegance and shows Mr. Perfetti's unquestionable mastery of the form, and his ability to provide clear, simple, and easy-to-follow instructions."
-- Panic-Anxiety Page, Jack Purcell

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