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Hawaii T'ai Chi Ch'uan Association

The Hawaii T'ai Chi Ch'uan Association
was founded by Ron Perfetti
in 1981 and continues its educational
and instructional activities today.


Hawaii Tai Chi Ch'uan Association

In 1981, Ron Perfetti founded The Hawaii T'ai Chi Ch'uan Association (HTCCA) as a non-profit organization for the teaching of Oriental healing, martial, and meditative arts. Until his passing in 2012, Ron and the HTCCA sponsored dozens of week-long residential workshops, numerous demonstrations, and hundreds of classes in T'ai Chi and related studies on Maui and around the world. Across a wide range of settings -- such as schools, senior centers, medical facilities, and spas -- HTCCA operated with an emphasis on health, stress reduction, improvement of physical skills, and a better understanding of the mind/body relationship.

Today, The HTCCA continues all instructional and educational activities under the direction of senior students whom Ron trained and who have been certified as instructors by a Grand Master. They continue to offer group and individual instruction, and support educational activities sharing the Principles and Practice of T'ai Chi Ch'uan.

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