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T'ai Chi Instructional CDs T'ai Chi Stillness and Movement with Ron Perfetti

NEW : A 2-CD set introducing core principles useful in any T'ai Chi style or form practice, plus guided exercises pertaining to each of these principles.
Who are these CDs for?

These CDs are for anyone either thinking about studying T'ai Chi/Chi Kung, or for those already in practice. The intention of these guided practices and exercises is to give a student the opportunity to understand more deeply the intentions underlying the movements and exercises of traditional practice. Beginner through advanced students will all benefit from this information.

My 30 years of practice experience and teaching has led me to feel that there is a severe lack of understanding of core principles in T'ai Chi practiced in the United States. Rarely does practice go beyond going through the movements of the form or other exercises. This might give one some benefit from the gentle exercise aspect of practice but little of the deeper, truly life-transformational potential of geniuine T'ai Chi practice. As an internal practice, T'ai Chi is interested primarily in what is happening inside, the feeling which allow us to go deeply into both the physical and energetic levels.

These two CDs are the result of my good fortune to study with master teachers who felt that Westerners were capable and worthy of receiving the essence of T'ai Chi Ch'uan practice. In turn, I pass on the knowledge that I was so fortunate to receive.

Description of Contents

Following the teaching of the Classics which tells us to "move like the great river, be still like the mountain", CD 1 of this set is dedicated to movement principles, and CD 2 is dedicated to stillness. The Movement CD contains five guided exercises covering Centering, Relaxation,The Three Treasures, Heaven & Earth, and Yin & Yang. The Stillness CD contains five meditations on Centering, The Three Tan T'iens, The Micro Cosmic Orbit, Wei Chi, and Stillness. In each case I first introduce and elaborate upon each principle, then guide the listener through an exercise pertaining to that principle. Incidental music -- originally composed and professionally recorded for this CD -- demarks the exercises. Several brief readings from the Classics § are also included to illustrate or illuminate the principles.

Ordering Information "Explorations in Stillness and Movement with Ron Perfetti" is a 2-CD set.
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