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T'ai Chi Instructional Materials
Grandmaster William C.C. Chen would tell his students, "Don't tell me how many years you've practiced, but rather how many minutes". T'ai Chi is truly a practice measured in increments of moments accumulated. I offer the following resources for those who are in the process of accumulating their moments of T'ai Chi experience.
  • Practice Guidelines
    Although T'ai Chi practice is a very personal and individualized experience, I have found these guidelines helpful for many of my students.
  • Recommended Readings
    A list of recommended books in T'ai Chi, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and related meditation practices.
  • List of Instructors
    Instructors of T'ai Chi in the United States and around the world [NOTE: some links may be outdated]
  • Other Web Resources
    Links to other web resources on T'ai Chi, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Culture, Taoism, and martial arts. [NOTE: some links may be outdated]
  • Instructional Audio-Visual DVD
    T'ai Chi Ch'uan with Ron Perfetti
    Segments include the principles of traditional practice, warm-up exercises, and two different but complimentary presentations of the Yang Style Short Form
  • Instructional Audio CD Set    |[ NEW ]|
    Explorations in Stillness and Movement
    with Ron Perfetti

    A 2-CD set introducing core concepts useful in any movement study or practice, plus guided exercises pertaining to each principle
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